My Great Home

We make your life at home a little easier by our online resource for manufactured and modular home owners.


Making it a comfortable surrounding that reflects your personality it is one of the joys of owning a home is making it your own. May it be choosing the right window actions or painting your walls, we are loaded of ideas to help you begin. We also present to you tips tin helping you put in order your home and make the most out of the space you have.


If you do have a large yard that extends around your home or a cozy one in the back, either of those, you can make the most out of these ideas for your outdoor enjoyment. A green thumb is not a requirement following our easy gardening and landscaping tips.


Fix-it Guide

Upholding and mending a manufactured home vary very much from site-built homes for the reason that each type is constructed in a different way. Our widespread fix-it guide, just for manufactured home owners, goes into great detail on the many repair and preventive maintenance tasks you typically encounter.

Home Safety

DIY, very much trendy nowadays, especially at your homes and you can do it a little or no cost. But you can always turn to us to safeguard your family and property against common hazards.